Dynamic Human Solutions

Strengthening the Mind, Strengthening the Warrior

What is Dynamic Human Solutions?

We serve men and women that strive for achievement - elite performers from all walks of life. From the battlefield to the boardroom, we provide a customized system of classes and exercises that improve the capacity of the individual and their contribution to the team.

We are the combination of performance experts, mental conditioning instructors and emotional intelligence trainers, all brought together by an F-15 combat veteran to provide the first operationally focused human performance program.

Our program brings the soft- and hard-skill benefits of mindfulness to top performers and competitors. In place of the typical presentation of these mind training practices, our Accelerated Mind Performance (AMP) program combines operational combat experience with master coaching to deliver tools designed specifically for high performance professionals.

We’ve trained corporate executives, SWAT officers, firefighters, world-class athletes (pro cyclists, US Team freeskiers, brazilian jiu jitsu fighters, MMA/UFC heavyweights, rock climbers, European league soccer players) as well as special operators, fighter pilots, personal bodyguards, Olympic trainers and world-renowned heavy metal bands.

The Dynamic Difference

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We customize AMP to fit client needs:

  • ~ Training adapted to meet specific operational goals
  • ~ Exercises designed to cultivate and develop unique client skills
  • ~ Trainers trained to support a self sustaining program
  • ~ One - on - one mentorship for client membership or leadership

The Cutting Edge


At DHS we take the time to understand our clients. We take the time to learn and understand the culture of their organization and the needs of the individuals trained. We understand that our value exists only in the results of individuals and how they contribute to the team.


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Our service to our clients does not end until success is at hand. We form a partnership and share a responsibility to help them succeed. The relationship and mentorship we build continues long after any contract we have with them ends.

This is not a “quick-fix” program, it is a process that takes time and dedication. And DHS is here to help our clients reach their goals.

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