Dynamic Human Solutions

Strengthening the Mind, Strengthening the Warrior

Coaching and Elite Training

Develop and maintain personal and stituational:

  • ~ Control
  • ~ Flexibility
  • ~ Focus
  • ~ Awareness
  • ~ Relaxation

Neuroscience shows the brain can grow, change and adapt provided it is given the proper training stimuli. Because of its "neuroplasticity," the brain can build strength and increase working memory capacity, executive functioning, focus and situational awareness. That’s how AMP creates the basis for improved performance, adaptability and stress resilience at both the individual and team level.

How we do it:

Accelerated Mind Performance (AMP) focuses on three areas of learning and exercises, all designed to enhance performance, strengthen resiliency and improve team functioning.

Each element uses specialized learning methodolgies, base exercises and techniques that are shaped and adapted to meet specific client needs.

AMP has three elements:

  • ~ Body Dynamics - Manage/reduce stress to improve individual performance
  • ~ Mind Dynamics - Enhance concentration and cognitive stamina for optimum human performance
  • ~ Group Dynamics - Leadership and team skills coaching for optimal team performance

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